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What's included:

The first pack shall be opened at the party and will include materials to make a 2 x stretch bracelets with charms and sparkly spacers to place on them), a bag charm, key ring and organza bags to take their pieces home in.  There will be enough materials for them to make decisions on design and colour for each piece.

The second pack will contain the same but in a different colour for the children to take home and make.

I will be on hand to show the children how to finish their second pack at home and finish off any pieces they need help with in the party, as well as offering design and creation advice

The party will last between 1 hour to 90 minutes according to the age and number of children.  The attention span of children varys from one to another, but don't worry at all, I will be on hand to make sure that everyone leaves happy with their completed jewellery and a pack to take home.

Also inside the pack will be directions to the website with videos to watch on how to construct each part of the kit, just in case they need an aid-memoire when they get home or parents wish to check how to finish the pieces.


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